The organizers of this important initiative greatly acknowledge and salute the organisation’s support and contribution to promoting development in the continent and would be very honoured if you could consider sponsoring the event. The event attracts experts, educators, researchers, practitioners, investors, entrepreneurs and high profile speakers and participants from the government and private sector higher education institutions, small and medium enterprise support agencies, and other development institutions from all over the world.

Why Sponsor?

  • Publicity and Long term branding.
  • Unique intellectual leadership communication opportunities.
  • Reaching the higher education leaders, faculty, scientists and staff.
  • Promoting your Company, products and services.

Sponsorship Opportunity and Benefits

  • Logo and Name on the conference Stage Banners: 1 horizontal and 1 vertical banner.
  • Complimentary conference registration: according to the sponsorship plan.
  • Logo and name on the conference brochure.
  • Logo and name on the conference proceedings.
  • Logo and name on the conference website.
  • Up to 50% Discounted rate for exhibition space according to the sponsorship plan.


The table below shows the different sponsorship opportunities available at the SPEC2020 Conference and the benefits that the sponsor will get.

√ Benefits included in package
Note that all amounts are in US Dollar $ and excluding VAT

Payment Requirements

A minimum deposit of 50% of the sponsorship fee is due with the completed agreement on or before 10th Sept 2019.
Payment method: By Bank Transfer.