About SPEC2020

The 2020 conference theme for The Sustainable Premium Education Conference 2020 (SPEC2020) is “Internationalization in Higher Education: Challenges & Opportunities”, and hosts high-profile Keynote speakers from all over the world to exchange their knowledge and world-class experiences with the educators and academic professionals who are invited to participate in the three days conference’s discussions and technical sessions.

In the very dynamic and changing world, the concept of internationalization in higher education has been extracted from globalization of education process. The international development in higher education is becoming increasingly basic, vital and top priority to express global competence and proficiency of the higher education institution.

This conference will discuss the different dimensions of developing an internationalization system, raising the commitment of the internationalization, and different strategies of implementing this concept in order to improve the quality of the academic programs and expand the global competencies of faculty, staff and students.

Global education following the best practices internationally is an effective approach to improve and maintain a competitive edge of developing a highly skilled and knowledgeable work force and to invest in applied research. The academic programs accredited internationally is developed rendering the latest techniques, linked directly with the enhanced teaching and learning process and achieving excellence in research and scholarly activities. The social-cultural dimension is changing in light of the potential impact of globalization and international development of higher education.

The higher education is currently required to equip its graduates with global proficiency and competitive skills to compete and employed everywhere worldwide, the SPEC2020 will discuss the challenges and the potentials of transforming into international higher education systems offering global education and following the best practices internationally.
The following questions and many other questions will be addressed at the SPEC2020, and we look forward to coming together to exchange ideas and explore new research paths together:

  1. How do we boost the faculty and students’ mobility and the knowledge transfer?
  2. How do we help students to acquire the global competence and skills necessary for positive engagement in diversified, globalized communities that so often lead to more effective employability?
  3. How do we educate with independence and interdependence in mind?
    How do we identify and engage the best practices in “international education development”?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying for the international accreditation on the development of the academic programs and curricula?
  5. What are the Challenges and opportunities of the intersection of education and international development?
  6. What are the latest technologies and applications can support the education systems and improve the transformation into the globalization and the international education?
  7. How can we assure the quality of cross-border education?

SPEC2019 consists of five plenary sessions to make global education an international priority. We encourage scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of education and international development to explore and submit under the following conference subthemes:

  • International Standardization of Excellence in Higher Education.
  • Diversity of Global Contexts in Education & International Development.
  • Institutional & Programs’ International Accreditation as a Priority of Globalization.
  • The Best Global Practices in the Academic Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness in the Cross-Border Education.
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Measurements in Higher Education.
  • Latest Technology Integrated Systems and Innovation in Higher Education.

This conference is organized by Al Murooj Exhibition  & Conferences UAE, in Association with SPECS Education Consultancy Services, UK.